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Always Pushes Up.  Never Bottoms Out.

 You can fool all the people some of the time,
and some of the people all the time,
 but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
                                         Abraham Lincoln



 "99% of the Half-Mattresses"

UNLIKE most mattress that are made out of memory foam, springs or air, WHOLELATEX Mattresses are made of 100% Pure Talalay Latex.

UNLIKE most other latex mattresses that are made of Dunlop or layered with polyurethane foam,
The WHOLELATEX mattress is 100% pure Talalay latex top-to-bottom (no fillers or inferior layers).

UNLIKE Memory Foam Mattresses that will always sink down and always bottom out, WHOLELATEX Mattresses always push up and will never bottom out. 

UNLIKE an innerspring mattress that has 300+ coil-springs, WHOLELATEX Mattresses have millions of LatexPillo Air Cells constantly supporting you.

UNLIKE many mattresses that are imported from China, WHOLELATEX Mattresses are made in the USA.

UNLIKE most mattresses that are made of toxins, chemicals, synthetics or polyurethane,
The Natural WHOLELATEX Mattress is made of all 100% natural ingredients.

UNLIKE most mattresses that are only "half-a-mattress" (most companies only put their good stuff on top), WHOLELATEX Mattress are the same, 100% Pure Talalay Latex, top to bottom.

UNLIKE most mattress that are non-reversible,
WHOLELATEX Mattresses are completely reversible.

UNLIKE most mattress that are only quilted on one side, WHOLELATEX Mattresses are quilted on both sides.

UNLIKE most mattress that only have a 10-Year Warranty, WHOLELATEX Mattresses have a 20-Year Written Warranty.

UNLIKE most mattresses that have to show a minimum of wear | or indentation of 1" to 1.5" for the warranty on wear to apply,
WHOLELATEX Mattresses have no minimum wear indentation limitation in their warranty.

UNLIKE most mattress models that only come in one firmness, WHOLELATEX Mattresses come in your choice of Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm.

UNLIKE many mattresses that bunch up in the lower back when used on an adjustable bed,
WHOLELATEX Mattresses bend perfectly in every position, without bunching up in the lower back.

UNLIKE many memory foam mattresses that have issues with heat and breathability, WHOLELATEX Mattresses are rated 7X more breathable than conventional memory foam.

UNLIKE most mattresses that do not feel good to the touch, nothing can compare to the luxurious feel of a WHOLELATEX Mattress.

UNLIKE most mattress that are quilted with 100% polyester fiber or polyurethane foam,
Natural WHOLELATEX Mattresses are quilted with 100% natural cotton and wool.

UNLIKE most mattresses that show yellow, green and red which indicates excessive areas of pressure,
WHOLELATEX Mattresses have the industry's highest blue standards for pressure-relief.

UNLIKE many mattress co. that are mass-produced and owned by Hedge-Funds, WHOLELATEX Mattresses are hand-made by a family owned company, one-at-a-time, with personal pride and craftsmanship.

UNLIKE most mattress salespeople who know or care nothing about physiology, WHOLELATEX Factory Represenatives understand how mattresses should "mirror" a person's physiology and requirements.

UNLIKE most mattresses which are sold through mattress retailers and department stores,
WHOLELATEX Mattresses are only sold Factory Direct  through our WHOLELATEX Factory Showrooms
(if we sold our mattresses through retailers, your price would be UP TO 50% AND MORE!)


When you can elevate your back and your legs about 8" into THE ZERO-GRAVITY POSITION and sink 1/4" to 1/2" into the top 2" of Softer Talalay Latex, You'll experience the minimum amount of pressure on your neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, thighs and legs: Your whole body weight will be evenly supported. And when you are on the WHOLELATEX Mattress, where you are up-lifted by millions of LatexPillo Air Cells, you may feel like you are floating on a cloud of air: Your whole body can just totally let go!

UNLIKE many mattress companies that will not spend any time with you on the phone, We will gladly give you complete Information & Pricing over the phone (800)528-3974. (our Reps.always hear:  . . . "finally someone who knows about mattresses")

UNLIKE most mattress companies that have non-stop sales and promotions, We are the Factory.  We have the same Factory Direct Prices all year long. 
(you can call us a 100X . . . and you will always get the same price, and we do not have to rush or push you into buying "A SALE" or sale merchandise)

UNLIKE most companies that refer you to a phone number on the Warranty Card, "We are" the phone number on the Warranty Card.  You can never get better service.

UNLIKE many mattresses that claim to be The Ultimate In Comfort, WHOLELATEX Mattresses are THE ULTIMATE IN COMFORT!

 The First Latex Mattresses was made in 1926,
Initially it was only sold to British royalty
                           Wikipedia on Mattresses

UNLIKE Innerspring, Memory Foam and Air Mattresses,

What Does It Mean FACTORY DIRECT? . . .
We Make, Sell, Ship & Guarantee
The World's Best-Built 100% WHOLE Latex Mattresses

"Unlike Any Other"




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